Beyoncé: what really happened in the elevator between Jay-Z and Solange?

Beyoncé, who celebrates her 41st birthday this Sunday, September 4, has always known how to stay away from scandals and other controversies since the start of her career. However, in 2014, the superstar found herself in spite of herself entangled in a case that had agitated the American media, when her husband Jay-Z and her little sister Solange violently slashed in an elevator.

The images had Beyoncé fans trembling, when they made the rounds of social networks and the media around the world, in 2014. All smiles on the red carpet of the Met Gala, Beyoncé, her husband Jay-Z and her little sister Solange had spent a particularly late evening explosive. On May 12, the American site TMZ had indeed published the images of the three stars in the elevator of the Standard Hotel in New York, on which Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law violently, kicking and punching her. While the footage was leaked, the video had no sound, making it impossible for Queen B fans to know why the fight broke out between the rapper and the singer.

In the process, the clan had however published a press release to calm the spirits, by evoking “speculations“on the grounds of the altercation.”Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what happened. They each admit their role in this private affair that unfolded in the public eye. They apologized to each other and decided to move forward as a united family.“, could we read.

“We have always had a great relationship”

If the protagonists of this incredible affair have remained silent for several years, Jay-Z finally spoke out for himself, three years later, in an interview with Rap Radar. “We have always had a great relationship (…) I have fought and argued with my brothers all my life. These are things that happen (…) but it is not important“, he confided.

Then add: “We only ever had one disagreement. Before and after the argument, we were cool. It’s like she was my sister. I will protect her. It’s my sister. Not my sister-in-law, but my sister“.

If Beyoncé never wanted to discuss the altercation publicly, the lyrics of the remix of her song Flawless, released in 2014, left little room for doubt. “Of course sometimes things suck when there’s a billion dollars in the elevator“. Who can understand!

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