Beyonce’s concert film could top Tom Cruise’s box office records

Beyonce’s much awaited concert film, Renaissance: A Movie by Beyoncé, was always going to be huge, from the moment it was first announced this fall. Now, early estimates reveal just how big it could be when it finally hits theaters early next month, which is enough to help it make history.

It is estimated to have an initial gross of $20 million as it will be released in theaters on December 1st. deadline,

The film demonstrated its potential success at the box office when tickets went on sale for the first time a few weeks ago. First day of pre-sales for Beyonce’s latest musical film black is king Reached between $6 million and $7 million in October. That opening indicator indicated the film’s popular appeal and showed that the stage was set for a triumphant debut.

To contextualize the expected opening weekend figures for the upcoming Beyoncé new movie, the record for the biggest opening weekend for a film in early December is still held by Tom Cruise. the last warrior, That film debuted in 2003 with $24.2 million, and no film since has been able to beat it.

If Beyoncé had opened her latest full-length feature last weekend, it would have ranked as the second highest-grossing film in the US. The singer’s concert film may have come up behind Miracle, which came in with $46 million – a disappointing low for a Marvel picture. comes in second five nights at freddy’s At $9 million.

Described as part concert film and part documentary, Renaissance: A Movie by Beyoncé Apparently it not only showcases the captivating tour with which it shares its name, but also explores behind-the-scenes the creation of the chart-topping and Grammy-winning album that started it all. How exactly this all plays out on screen has yet to be seen, as Bay is keeping it close to the chest, which is not unusual for her.

While inevitable comparisons are sure to be made with Taylor Swift Taylor Swift: The Eras TourThe two projects differ in their strategies and historical achievements. Beyoncé is entering the film scene at a time when ticket sales at theaters are typically low. Also, based on pre-sales, the initial audience for Queen Bey’s concert film was not that large.

When it opened in October, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour made history and instantly became the highest-grossing concert film of all time. The title launched at number 1 at the US box office with ticket sales of approximately $93 million. Globally this amount increased to $123 million. In the weeks since, it has made just under a quarter billion dollars.

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