Beyonce’s dancers protect her from an object that a fan threw on stage – Metro Puerto Rico

From throwing flowers to throwing crutches, it is becoming a trend for fans to throw objects at singers during their performances. There are artists who take it badly, as happened with Cardi B, who threw the microphone at a person who threw water on her. Everything was different with Maluma, who was given some crutches, but he asked a security member to return them to their owner. This time it was Beyoncé’s turn, but it was not she but her dancers who reacted.

In a video shared by @travis_in_cali account on TikTok, it is seen that when the audience is present, he throws an object on the stage where the singer is performing her show.

Immediately, the dancing twins Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, known as one of the people closest to Beyoncé, and who have gotten her out of trouble in many moments, even when on some occasions the artist’s wardrobe got in the way You are broken. music program. Secretly and carefully, they fix everything for him and help him move forward.

Of course, this concert was no exception and the Bourgeois brothers came to Beyoncé’s defense when the fan threw an object that looked like a piece of clothing at her and it fell at the singer’s feet.

Since you never know whether something thrown from the audience is dangerous or not, one of the twins immediately removed the object from the stage, while the other angrily scolded the person who threw it. The fan tried to throw it again, but a security guard stopped him.

A review of what happened in Los Angeles during their Renaissance World Tour New York Post, It seemed as if the artist was not even aware of what was happening to the twins in the audience below.


He says that twins Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois have been working with Beyoncé since 2013. Post, Fans of the artist know him as one of his greatest patrons on stage.

Someone commented, “Why would you do that when you have twins?”

Other comments were: “People were complaining that Beyoncé only came to town once, but that’s probably why. The closer it gets, the greater the risk”, “Everyone has every right to be defensive like this”, “Don’t mess with the twins!” “When it comes to Bey they don’t play games, they Will protect her!!” “Not to mention she has a husband in the audience who will probably strangle her.”

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