Beyoncé’s silence challenge during Renaissance world tour goes viral

The globally acclaimed Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour is captivating audiences with extraordinary performances and stunning visuals. However, there is one moment in particular in the tour that has caught the attention of fans and celebrities alike: the secret challenge.

The silent challenge takes place during the performance of Beyoncé’s song “Energy”. When he says the phrase “Look around, everyone calm down”, the entire crowd becomes completely silent. Some fans even stay in place, adding an extra element to the challenge.

The moment of silence usually lasts about five seconds before the music plays again and Beyoncé continues with the remainder of the song. However, as the tour has progressed, cities have become more competitive and are trying to stay cool for as long as possible.

The Hush challenge has attracted significant attention during the US leg of the tour, especially after Beyoncé’s star-studded concert in Los Angeles. Celebrities have also joined this trend and are sharing their videos on social media. Adele practiced the challenge at her concert in Las Vegas, while Lupita Nyong’o and her friends hilariously documented their preparation and participation. Additionally, Zendaya and Tom Holland were caught posing at a show in Los Angeles.

Fans became increasingly competitive, with Beyoncé declaring Washington, DC the initial winner of “everyone’s silent challenge”, but later changing her announcement to Atlanta. The final winner will be determined at the end of the tour in October.

Beyoncé’s silence challenge has become a viral sensation, captivating audiences and demonstrating the power of Beyoncé’s influence. It’s an exciting and unique experience that solidifies Beyoncé’s status as an incomparable artist.


  • Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour: A concert tour by Beyoncé, featuring extraordinary performances and visuals.
  • Silent Challenge: A trend in which fans and celebrities remain completely silent during the performance of Beyoncé’s song “Energy”.
  • Energy: A song performed by Beyoncé during her Renaissance World Tour.

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