Bianca Belair wins, Iyo wins amid a likely Belair heel turn

Iyo Skye cashed in the “Money in the Bank” briefcase on a crippled Bianca after Belair regained the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Championship. Belair’s heroic victory was soon followed by another injustice as the seeds of Bianca Belair’s heel turn continue to be sown.

At the end of a great Triple Threat match, Belair sold a left knee injury and was taken out of the ring. She made a heroic return to the match to break the eight.

Asuka, Charlotte, and Bianca’s feud was fueled by bitterness and growing resentment on the part of the acquitted Bianca Belair. After a questionable loss at WWE Night of Champions, Belair’s character received a bounce back from management, prompting Bianca to cynically ask, “Am I tripping?” when she was dealt with one injustice after another.

Bianca Belair’s strife with management mirrored Bret Hart’s storyline conflicts with Vince McMahon early in the relationship era, when Bret Hart eventually turned around. Hart’s unique heel turn resulted in him being hailed as a hero in his home country of Canada and booed in the states. Belair’s character certainly got the upper hand during her feud with Charlotte, who had beaten Belair as a rival, and Asuka. But turning the heel for Belair is out of the question.

Belair cited John Cena as an example of a WWE superstar who never turned on his heels after his babyface transformation in the early 2000s, as WWE prioritized Cena’s status as a role model.

“That feeling stays with you outside of the ring,” Bianca said. daily mail (h/t “We can’t be in the ring every hour of the day. These are the things that mean the most to me, the impact I have on the outside. I have the same feeling as Cena. I hear everyone likes to turn around and I’m like, hmmm.”

Just as Bret Hart has been unfailingly hailed in Canada as his favorite son, Bianchi’s fan base is larger than any wrestling storyline. It’s hard to imagine black fans being some of the most dedicated and forgiving converts to Byakna Belair because of the scripted wrestling storyline.

Instead of turning Belair’s heel, WWE decided to take the safe route by creating two contenders who each believe they can claim the title of #1 contender. In the process, WWE appeared to be fueling a feud between Charlotte and Belair. After their recent victories as world champions on Raw and SmackDown, Belair and Flair respectively did not need a world title. But after Bianca Belair’s latest gaffe, Belair’s feud against Iyo Skye is on the horizon. Combined with her husband Montez Ford’s recent heel-turn, Belair’s transition to the dark side seems all but inevitable.

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