Bianchi: just leverage the enthusiasm of the teachers, resources are needed, in September without Covid staff it will be a problem

The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchiin the Parliamentary Committee for Children, held the hearing on the initiatives to be adopted in favor of children and adolescents who find themselves in Ukraine and refugees under age from this conflict zone. And he strongly contests the cut in resources in the field of education.

“We are in constant dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities, but it is clear that our schools have made an exceptional effort to welcome them. Bear in mind that these guys use a different alphabet. We had to reinvent classroom teaching. We are facing this phase with the massive use of Covid personnel, which we will no longer have in September. We have a staff problem, but we cannot expect to face a crisis of this type by always relying on the enthusiasm of the teachers – complains the minister -. The Italian school needs resources, people, support on the territory, I clearly told the Mef “.


In other words, the resources currently allocated are not sufficient, explains Minister Bianchi. “For the linguistic assistance part, the ministry has set aside one million euros. After that, the EU also allocated resources on the linguistic front with the project I carewhich however provides for unallocated resources in the territories with the highest number of Ukrainian pupils, is a problem that I have pointed out ”.

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