Bianchi meets the same hero of fake news twice

Lebanese Mia Khalifa and Spanish Angel Munoz have two things in common. Both are porn actors – or they were, Khalifa is retired – but their prevalence on social networks is not related to their work between the sheets.

His early start and candid appearance made him ideal fodder for memes, jokes, and clickbait-hungry posts.

Muñoz, known as Jordi “El Nino Polla”, has circulated on social networks as a doctor, science genius or aviation expert. In all cases, publications asked Internet users to share them as a way of supporting supposedly valuable people forgotten by the media.

The same happened with the Caliph, whose smiling image lured more than one person into the trap.

One of the personalities mocked by these impostors is the pro-government senator Graciela Bianchi, who can claim the dubious privilege of stumbling over the same stone twice.

In March 2022, Bianchi “liked” a tweet that featured a photo of a porn actor, this time as an alleged Ukrainian pilot who had shot down several Russian planes.

This Thursday, the MLA again faced El Nino Polla in a tweet that strictly followed the golden rule of fake news: a mixture of lies and truth.

In the related tweet, reference was made to the first surgery performed at the recently inaugurated Hospital del Cerro. The publication showed a photo of Jordi, whom they presented as one of the surgeons involved.

Bianchi saw the tweet and did not have time to share it, an action which brought him immediate criticism and disapproval.

Despite this, he assured that he would not remove the publication, and argued that the background information – the operation in the new hospital – had taken place. Something that is true.

“They told me it was fake news. Can one of the doctors who performed the first operation yesterday at the Hospital del Cerro send me his photo? I do not minimize this so that it remains an example of those unhappy people who fight against the hospital,” he wrote.

Taking advantage of the senator’s new mistake were Twitter jokers, who are always on their toes and don’t like anyone.

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