Biden announced changes to airport security to make it more gender neutral

NEW YORK.- The Joe Biden administration, which celebrates Transgender Awareness Day today, announced that US airport security procedures will become more gender-neutral.

They announced in particular that there will be changes to the scanners used for detection and the use of an “X” for travelers going through screening who do not identify as male or female.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers will also receive new instructions to make procedures less invasivereported the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in a statement.

They are among a series of travel safety measures announced by the department as part of Transgender Awareness Day.

President Biden advocates in this way against what his government calls “dangerous anti-transgender legislative attacks” that have been registered in states across the country.

President Joe Biden in Washington today
President Joe Biden in Washington todayNICHOLAS KAMM – AFP

“DHS is committed to protecting the traveling public while ensuring that everyone, regardless of gender identity, is treated with respect,” Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in the statement.

The use of the pronoun “X” in the advanced security program will begin on April 11.

The intention is to keep pace with identity documents that already include that option, the DHS explained. A new “X” gender marker on US passport applications also goes into effect on April 11.

At the end of this year, the TSA will begin using scanners with new technologies that will replace gender-based systems and are intended to “respect civil rights and improve the customer experience.”

TSA will work with airlines to promote acceptance of the “X” gender marker and will also update guidelines for airport security screening officers to remove gender considerations when validating documents, DHS said today.

“Transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment and barriers to opportunity,” Biden wrote in a proclamation celebrating Transgender Awareness Day.

“In the past year, hundreds of anti-transgender bills were proposed in the United States, most of them targeting transgender children,” the president continued in a statement.

“The onslaught has continued this year. These bills are wrong,” she stressed.

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