Biden assured that Putin is “looking for oxygen” when announcing a ceasefire in Ukraine

Joe Biden pointed to Putin's request for a ceasefire as a
Joe Biden pointed to Putin’s request for a ceasefire as a “search for oxygen” in the face of his obvious failures (REUTERS)

The president of United States, Joe Bidenpointed this Thursday against the request of Vladimir Putin to establish a Ceasefire for 36 hours with Ukraine. The president denounced that this measure is nothing more than an effort by Moscow to find a breather in its offensivewhich has been going on for almost a year, and has resulted in more casualties and losses on the battlefield than he had planned.

“I was ready to bomb hospitals, day care centers and churches” on December 25 and on New Year’s Day, Biden said in a White House speech, adding: “I think he’s looking for some oxygen”.

On the occasion of the orthodox christmaswhich takes place on January 6 and 7, Putin ordered his army to apply a ceasefire on Ukraine and called on the neighboring country, which he invaded months ago, to follow his initiative and stop the attacks.

Vladimir Putin ordered a ceasefire for 36 hours within the framework of Orthodox Christmas (REUTERS)
Vladimir Putin ordered a ceasefire for 36 hours within the framework of Orthodox Christmas (REUTERS)

This would be the first ceasefire since the start of the offensive and it was given after a request made by the Patriarch Kirill to “establish a Christmas truce”.

As indicated by the Kremlin, given the high number of people who profess the Orthodox faith in combat zones, they consider this measure necessary to allow the faithful to “attend religious services on Christmas Eve, as well as on Valentine’s Day.” the Nativity of Christ.

The cessation will begin at 12:00 Moscow time (09:00 GMT) this Friday and will last until midnight (21:00 GMT) on Saturday, a total of 36 hours.

Ukraine similarly rejected this request, which it described as “hypocrite”and again highlighted its conditions to establish the end of the conflicts.

Mikhailo Podolyak rejected Russia's request to Ukraine to join the measure, which he described as
Mikhailo Podolyak rejected Russia’s request to Ukraine to join the measure, which he described as “hypocritical” (REUTERS)

This Thursday, hours after the announcement, an adviser to the presidential office of Volodimir Zelensky stated that there will only be one “temporary truce” once russia leave the occupied territories.

In addition, Mikhailo Podolyak highlighted on his Twitter account that Ukraine is not attacking the foreign country but instead is defending its territory.

“First of all, Ukraine does not attack foreign territory and does not kill civilians, as the Russian Federation does. Ukraine only destroys the members of the occupation Army in its territory”, Podolyak elaborated in his message rejecting the truce.

“Second, the Russian Federation must leave the occupied territories. Only then will he have a ‘temporary truce’. Put away your hypocrisy,” he continued.

Mikhailo Podolyak's tweet
Mikhailo Podolyak’s tweet

This morning, prior to these messages, the adviser had already criticized the request of the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church that led to the subsequent order from the Kremlin.

So, Podolyak had ruled that this institution acts as war “propagandist” and encourages genocide the ukrainians already militarization of Russian society.

For all these reasons, Kirill’s statements constitute a “cynical trap and a propaganda element”, emphasized.

(With information from EFE and The Associated Press)

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