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Officials from the United States embassy in Colombia met this Wednesday morning with delegates of the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, to basically talk about peace issues. Although they also spoke of the option of revising some aspects of the FTA.

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On the Colombian side were Alfonso Prada, Luis Fernando Velasco and the appointed Minister of Agriculture Cecilia López. The United States delegation was led by Ambassador (e) Francisco Palmieri.

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Precisely about the meeting, Senator Luis Fernando Velasco in dialogue with EL TIEMPO highlighted that the members of the United States government said thatWhat are the agencies of that country doing such as the State Department or USAID on peace issues.

“It was like a kind of junction in which they told, but they also wanted to hear what the government’s vision was, to the extent that it is clear to them that the issues of peace and implementation of the agreements are key for us,” he said.

The congressman, and who sounds to be the next director of Dapre, said that he took advantage of the meeting to talk about the need to “give it a review to the mechanisms that exist within the same Free Trade Agreement to issues such as the entry of garments into the United States.

According to Velasco, the garment manufacturers, for example, were doing better with ATPDEA than with the Free Trade Agreement.

In this sense, the congressman pointed out that US officials responded: “sit there, bring some issues that we are willing to talk about.”

“We had a very frank talk of two hours. We speak with all those in charge who are in Colombia,” said Velasco, who reiterated that a visit from the highest level of the Biden government is being prepared in the coming days to meet with the president-elect.

Even this Wednesday’s appointment can be seen as a meeting prior to that meeting.

The congressman from Cauca insisted that the meeting was basically focused on receiving an explanation about what the United States government is doing in relation to accompaniment to the implementation of peace.

The meeting was held in the facilities of the Tequendama hotel, precisely where part of the junction is being advanced by the elected government.

“What I see is that the priorities of the United States government in terms of peace coincide with the priorities of the new government“, he concluded

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Is it feasible for the United States to agree to renegotiate the FTA?

Gustavo Petro and Joe Biden.

The delegates of Gustavo Petro and Joe Biden have already started talks on trade and peace issues.


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Mauricio Jaramillo Jassir, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science at the Universidad del Rosario, recalls that the ATPDEA rewarded those who abandoned coca cultivation and devoted themselves to other tasks. However, the teacher, in relation to the FTA and this law, points out that “one thing does not have much to do with the other.”

The expert also considers that “it is not impossible” for the United States to agree to renegotiate the FTA, although does not believe that some of the points that Colombia considers affect a certain part of the national industry can be “changed in substance”.

Despite the difficulty, Jaramillo believes that there is a need to renegotiate the trade agreement, especially now that “it is necessary, for example, to encourage National Production of food to lower prices.

For his part, Alejandro Bohórquez-Keeney, professor at the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations at the Externado University, does not believe that the United States is willing to renegotiate some points, since that country “tends to pact sunt servanda: the pacts are to fulfill them. Especially when it suits them. It must be understood that the majority partner is the United States. Although they see an interdependence, they clearly have an advantage over us.”

On the subject of textiles, Bohórquez-Keeney assures that it should not be forgotten that the American South is still cotton and much of its production is focused on agricultural products.

“Suddenly we get a pleasant surprise that I do not rule out, but I do not see much light in that renegotiation,” says the professor.


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