Biden turns 81 further complicating his re-election campaign

J.oh biden He was already the oldest president on the day he was sworn in in January 2021. Now, one year into his current term, the Democratic president is asking voters for four more years, which if successful would require him to leave the presidency. white House With 86.

81st birthday bidenInstead of filling his campaign with joy, it adds another concern, which is why any reference to this celebration has been banned in the President’s official agenda this Monday.

Biden was 78 when he took office. Ronald Reagan, the second oldest US President in history, completed his

While it is true that there is no age limit for elected federal office holders (which is ultimately decided by the voters) the “age question” is a shadow that follows a Democratic president. Polls have shown that even voters in his own party wonder whether he is growing too old for the position.

According to the portal, a representative number of surveys conducted by The New York Times/Siena College, YouGov, Morning Consult and Quinnipiac University Key swing states show Biden looking remarkably vulnerable in the race that is against him Donald TrumpAlmost certain Republican nominee for 2024.

Analysis of those surveys shows that biden It is this that falls most heavily among voters under 30. This is a segment that won by 26 points in 2020, according to comprehensive voter surveys validated by the Indian Express. Pew Research Center,

Yes, OK biden Having won the popular vote at the federal level by 7 million votes, his margin of victory among young voters was crucial to his victory in several swing states.

Compare, trump When we get to Election Day in 2024 he’ll be 78, which doesn’t seem like a very noticeable difference, however, considering his recent age biden And has alleged many age-related diseases in his campaign speeches and social media posts.

Some analysts remember that in 1994, former President Ronald ReaganAt the age of 83, he announced that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and died ten years later. Since then, there has been debate in the United States about whether reagan While in office he was experiencing the first effects of the disease.

Although we will never know it, reagan, won his second term, winning not only the general popular vote but also the votes of people under 30. In fact, he was the last Republican presidential candidate to do so.

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