‘Big Brother’ winner is living a nightmare: She thought her son had the flu and it resulted in meningitis

June Song, the winner of the fourth season of ‘Big Brother’ in the United States, is going through a complicated family moment since October after her 11-year-old son. He was hospitalized for two weeks due to meningitis.,

The former contestant on the reality show, which she was crowned in 2003, shared that she is Asking for donations to cover medical expenses That Noah’s treatment left him.

What happened to Jun Song’s son?

According to her account on the GoFundme site, Jun Song thought her son’s illness was a common fluHowever, it was pneumonia.

“We all thought it was just the flu. But it turned out Mycoplasma pneumonia which progressed to bacterial meningitis When mycoplasma reached his brain.

According to the Korean woman, Jun said it was very difficult to see her unconscious son in the intensive care unit, where “she didn’t know whether he would have permanent brain damage or whether he would even wake up.”

It took 11 days for Noah to return to basic activities such as going to the bathroom, eating solid food, or “playing pranks.”

Noah, Jun Song’s son, in the hospital.

Credit, gofundme

‘Big Brother’ winner asks for financial help

June Song went into debt due to Noah’s medical condition, so now the former reality show star is asking for donations to pay the hospital bill, since insurance only covers a portion of it and that’s single mother,

“I knew this life as a single mom wouldn’t be easy, but I certainly didn’t see this pile of difficulties coming our way. I don’t think anyone ever would.”

“Therefore, I can only politely ask for help from everyone To anyone I’ve touched in any way over the years, for helping me. I’m not good at asking for help. Usually I’m on the other side, helping everyone else. But I am here. Hope to see a profit,” reads the donation page, which was created on Nov. 16.

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