Big heart: Karely Ruiz meets with a fan who paid for her chemo; Where did he take it? | PHOTOS

Once again, the beautiful model from Monterrey went viral because of her sensual dances, causing a sensation on social networks, only this time it was not because of her photos or her videos, but because of her beautiful heart.

Remember that a few weeks ago, karely ruiz He announced on his TikTok account that as a token of gratitude for having reached 3 million followers, he would give a liposuction to one of his beautiful followers, although everything changed when an emotional comment was made.

Well, one of her fans assured that she did not want liposuction, but that she would be infinitely grateful if she supported her teenage son with his chemotherapies:

“Kareli, I don’t want lipo, I want you to give me a chemo for my son Sebas, he is 17 years old and I take him to Monterrey for his treatment, we are from Torreón,” the user wrote.

This comment caused great commotion among the followers of the OnlyFans modelfor which they began to echo it so that the influencer could see it and to the surprise of many, the message finally reached the beautiful 21-year-old girl, who assured her follower that the would support with the chemotherapies for his son.

Karely also spent the day with the young man she supported with his chemotherapies

And although many thought that this was a strategy to gain followers or empathy from her detractors, Karely Ruíz assured that she provided this support from the heart:

“If I support it, it is not to win over people, believe me, that is the least of it, I do it from the heart. So many things that I am achieving in a very short time, I think I should be grateful, ”said the beautiful influencer on her Facebook account.

Thus, the date on which he would meet the young man with cancer whom he would support arrived, and yesterday the meeting took place. Between jokes and smiles, karely ruiz He shared a series of posts on his Instagram account in which he is seen accompanied by the young man, who, happy for his help, took the opportunity to thank him for all his attention.

Karely Ruíz blessed the young man and his family

In addition to helping you cover the expenses for your chemotherapy, karely ruiz He gave some gifts to the boy from Coahuila, including a video game console that was very popular among people of his generation.

The onlyfans star also spent the day with young man whom he supported with his chemotherapiestaking him for a walk to a shopping plaza, where the influencer took the opportunity to take photos with her fans and eat with her special guest.


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