Bill Gates invests in a company that makes water out of nothing, helping humanity

A company has developed an innovation that makes it possible to get drinking water anywhere with the help of hydropanels. This is Source Global and was chosen by Bill Gates as part of his investment package.

According to official data, only 0.007% of the water on Earth is drinkable, an amount that is being progressively reduced due to pollution.

Technology comes to solve this problem and allows water to be extracted from the most remote, dry, hot environments or those with difficult access to drinking water. The proposal of Source Global, born in 2015, is to get water from nothing. Using hydropanels powered by solar energy, they are committed to sustainability, allowing clean water to be obtained only with light and air. The company is already installed with 450 projects in 52 different countries.

“We take sunlight and air and can produce perfect drinking water essentially anywhere on the planet,” explains Cody Friesen, CEO of the company. Its renewable technology takes vapor from the air and packs it, concentrating it 10,000 times more than in the atmosphere. Solar energy powers the panel, fans draw in air and push it through a material that traps water vapor from the air, which is passively extracted and condensed into liquid collected from the reservoir with the help of the sun’s heat. minerals to make it a perfect drinking water.

Thanks to investments from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a Bill Gates company, and BlackRock, Duke Energy and Lightsmith Group, the company has raised $150 million. Its panels produce an average of 3 to 5 liters of drinking water per day.

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