Bill Gates points out the three keys after testing positive for COVID

Bill Gates has tested positive for COVID-19. The founder of Microsoft announced it last Tuesday through his Twitter account, where he informed his followers about the quarantine that he will carry out until he overcomes the disease.

I am experiencing mild symptoms and I am following the advice of the experts to isolate myself until I am healthy again“, began by saying the North American tycoon. At the same time, he quoted three aspects that he considered key after being infected by coronavirus. Among them, vaccination. An aspect that has turned out to be fundamental in the fight against the pandemic and to prevent new infections.

The businessman defined himself as “lucky” because of these three factors. “I am lucky to have the full schedule of vaccinationthe dose of reinforcement and to have access to both evidence and a great medical care“. Finally, he ended with a message about the future projects that the Gates Foundation will carry out. “We will do everything we can to make sure none of us have to deal with a pandemic again.”

Bill Gates published a few days ago his new book ‘How to prevent the next pandemic’. In it, he offers what would be the possible keys to avoid a pandemic with characteristics similar to the current one, where he proposed the special creation of a group of scientists and that international organizations work with the objective of guaranteeing a distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 more equitable.

Last week, in an interview with the ‘CNN‘, proposed the creation of a global response group to monitor disease outbreaks worldwide. According to Gates himself, the response group that he proposes to face a hypothetical and upcoming pandemic would cost about a billion dollars a year to the WHO, a tiny amount if we compare it with the figures for military budgets or climate change.”

Increased investment in epidemiologists and informatics

In this way, everything would happen for a investment in epidemiologists by governments around the world, and in the training of computer experts. According to the tycoon, the figure of the computer modeler would allow better coordination between countries.

Regarding the pandemic, he highlighted a few weeks ago that one of the possible dangers of COVID would be the appearance of a more transmissive variant. “Not likelyI do not want to be doomed or pessimistic, but is well above the 5% risk that we haven’t even seen the worst of this pandemic,” he told the Financial Times.

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