Billie Eilish addresses her ‘inner misogyny’ in emotional speech

billie eilish honored in DiversityThe honoree delivered a very emotional and sensitive speech at the Power of Women event last night, Thursday, November 16, from the young Grammy winner.

When Eilish reached the mic, tears immediately appeared in her eyes. “Guys, I’m on prednisone. Have you ever taken it?” she asked before revealing that she was recovering from laryngitis. “Last time I was on it, I threw my phone and broke a mirror. Now, I’m crying.” Eilish continued the speech and paused several times to keep herself from crying as she talked about finding fame at the young age of 15.

“It’s really hard to be a woman here, guys,” Eilish said, once she composed herself. Reiterating comments he made in a recent interview, he said, “I’ve said this a lot lately, so if anyone hears me saying this I’m sorry I sound like a broken record.” “I am, but I’ve never really felt like a woman.” Diversity,

“I’ve spent a lot of my life not feeling worthy of being a woman. And I think for a few years, because of that insecurity, I became almost ‘choosing me’ about it. I’m so ‘Even though I’m not like other girls because I don’t do this and that,'” she shared. “I’ve become very resentful about that at the time because I’m so much interested in being like other girls because Other girls are tighter.”

She admitted, “I love women! It sounds weird, but I have a lot of misogyny inside of me and I feel like it’s coming out in places I don’t want it to.” “And I have to say with complete transparency, I’m very grateful to be a woman right now. I’m very proud to be here and I’m very honored.” You can watch Eilish’s full speech above.

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