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Katatonia – Atrium

The Swedish doom metal band returns with “Atrium”, a new single which serves as an appetizer to Sky Void of the Stars, announced for January 20, 2023. Disturbing atmosphere and poetic lyrics are in order.

Devin Townsend – Lightworker

The crazy Canadian genius Devin Townsend presents the intense and moving “Lightworker”, his new single. Find him in Lightwork, his next album, scheduled for October 4th. He plans five dates in March 2023, including one at the Olympia (Paris) on the 26th!

Nita Strauss – The Wolf You Feed

Known for having been Alice Cooper’s guitarist and now alongside Demi Lovato, Nita Strauss continues to chart her solo route, where she can give free rein to her aggressive riffs and explosive shots. On The Wolf You Feed, her new single, she invites Arch Enemy howler Alissa White-Gluz.

Molybaron – Vampires

French-Irish modern metal band Molybaron unveils “Vampires”, their first single to be released since The Mutiny, their latest album, released in 2021. No EP or album has yet been announced, remains to be seen if other equally energetic pieces are planned.

Avantasia – Kill The Pain Away

Avantasia, a 20-year-old metal opera project led by Tobias Sammet (Edguy) recently released their new album: A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society. At the same time, another single with an animated clip was made available, entitled “Kill The Pain Away”. We find there in particular Floor Jansen, singer of Nightwish, at the microphone, whose vocal power accentuates the catchy chorus.

Voivod – Quest For Nothing

The futuristic thrashers from Quebec unveil “Quest For Nothing”, their fast and furious new single. Voivod thus continues to promote its 15th studio album, Synchro Anarchyeven several months after its release.

Nickelback – Those Days

As the release of Get Rollin’, their next studio album, approaches, the Canadian quartet Nickelback unveils the clip for the energetic and nostalgic “Those Days”, which changes a little from its predecessor “San Quentin”.

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