Billie Eilish and Peter Gabriel appear in gun control video

Billie Eilish and Peter Gabriel appear in new video for gun control

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Peter Gabriel and Billie Eilish are among several stars advocating for gun control in America in a new music video.

A new coalition of artists called Artists for Action to Prevent Gun Violence, which also includes artists such as Sheryl Crow and Nile Rodgers, has been described as a “non-political” organization aimed at lobbying Americans for gun law change. To encourage people to vote.



“As much as I love the United States, I’m always amazed that anyone can get weapons so easily,” Gabriel says in the video.

Led by musician Mark Barden, whose son tragically died in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Artists for Action is on a heartfelt mission.

In the video, Barden voices the organization’s core mission: “Our mission at Artists for Action is to create a coalition of musicians, artists, athletes, influencers of all kinds, to come together for the common cause of stopping gun violence. Can come.”

The coalition aims to harness the power of artistry and high profile to drive change and create a world where the devastating impact of gun violence becomes a thing of the past.

The coalition also plans to host a concert in December to celebrate the release of the film, which directly inspired the formation of Artists for Action, A Fathers. Promise, An additional concert is also scheduled for next summer at the Central Park Summer Stage, coinciding with Gun Violence Awareness Month.

Watch the new video below.

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