Billie Eilish arrives in cinemas throughout Spain

billie eilish cinemas

Billie Eilish arrives next January 27th to cinemas throughout Spain with the premiere in a single pass of a special concert on a giant screen. Its titled ‘Billie Eilish: live at the O2 (extended cut)’ and includes, of course, a performance in the famous London pavilion before 20,000 followers.

The event, originally broadcast live, was filmed with a total of twenty cameras equipped with integral sensors with cinematographic glass. Now, in its extended version, it also includes some of the most intimate and memorable moments between the star and his loyal audience.

Billie Eilish is no stranger to the world of cinema. Because let’s remember that she was already noted in it by winning the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2022 with ‘no time to die‘, the title track of the most recent film by James Bond. The youngest artist to achieve such recognition, by the way.

All the information about the landing of Billie Eilish in theaters around the world is on the official website of the event, www.billieattheo2.com. In it you can also search for the cinemas that show the film throughout Spain. The chains point to the initiative Cinesa, Kinépolis and Yelmo Cinesamong other rooms, so there are many possibilities.


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