Billie Eilish assumes her tics


Suffering from Gilles de La Tourette syndrome, the star does not feel sorry for herself. She even says that this nervous disorder allowed her to make friends.

American singer Billie Eilish, 20, has confidence in herself despite her neurological disorder.


Billie Eilish had revealed in 2018 that she was suffering from Gilles de La Tourette syndrome, which causes muscle twitches and uncontrollable noises, since the age of 11. If this neurological disorder has never slowed down her dazzling career, the 20-year-old singer hadn’t spoken much about it publicly.

Asked about it on David Letterman’s talk show “My next guest is no longer to be presented”, on Netflix, the 20-year-old American, who will perform in Zurich on July 2, 2022, said she was “very happy” to talk about it. “I really like answering these kinds of questions, because it’s very interesting and it’s also a disorder that disturbs me and that I don’t understand,” she said. The main tics I have all day are wiggling my ear back and forth, raising my eyebrow, cracking my jaw, flexing my arm. These are things that you will never notice if you just chat with me, but for me they are very exhausting. Despite everything, Billie ended up accepting this disease. “It doesn’t mean that I like it, but I feel like it’s part of me. I made a friend of her. And now I really have confidence in myself,” she said.

Luckily, the interpreter of “Bad Guy”, who suffered a lot because of the Covid-19, does not have this disorder permanently. “I don’t have tics when I move, when I go horseback riding, when I think and concentrate and when I sing,” she said.


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