Billie Eilish: Coldplay dreams of doing a feat with the singer!

In an interview for NRJ, the bassist and drummer of the group Coldplay confessed to being fans of Billie Eilish.

You can’t miss Coldplay. Indeed, at the moment the group is on a world tour for their album Music Of The Spheres. Thus, before making a stop in Belgium, they admitted that he would dream of doing a feat with Billie Eilish. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Billie Eilish is a hit with her tour

At this very moment, and since February 3, 2022, Billie Eilish is on a world tour for his album Happy Than Ever. And one thing is for sure, it’s a hit!

Indeed, French fans still remember his concert at Bercy. And for good reason, from the top of his 20 years, she flipped the Accor Arena.

Surprise appearance on a basket at the end of the roomstretching session or delivery of free water bottles, the star saw things big for her tour.

But she didn’t stop there! Indeed, in Manchester, the singer played a song for the first time on the scene. This is the piece TV.

“We haven’t played any new songs live before they were released since 2017 or 2018. That’s a song we just wrote and we want to play it for you”she then explained to her audience.

Either way, a success like this does not go unnoticed. Thus the young woman won the hearts of a groupalso on a world tour.

This is Coldplay. Yes, Will and Guy, namely the bassist and the drummer of the group admitted to dreaming of doing a feat with Billie Eilish. MCE TV tells you more!

Coldplay fan of the singer?

In an interview with NRJ on August 16, 2022, Will and Guy, bassist and drummer from the band Coldplay confessed to being fans of Billie Eilish. They would even like to collaborate with her.

When the journalist asks them “Which artist would you like to work with in the future? », the two musicians did not hesitate.

“There are a lot of very talented people. But, I have a 15 year old daughter who is quite a fan of Billie Eilishand I must admit that I too »then confessed the drummer of Colplay.

Before continuing: “I think she’s very talented. on so many different points. So I think working with her must be great”.

Anyway, for now, a featuring seems quite compromised. Indeed, Colplay is quite busy with its world tour.

Billie Eilish, for her part, also has her tour to finish but above all a third album to be released. Indeed, the young artist still has postponed the release of this project.

“We will hopefully make another album next year.. I mean, it’s crazy. I hate to say that because I know it’s a bummer for people who think, ‘Oh my God, they’re making an album. He will be out soon. I mean, it’s crazy”she confessed.

It remains to be seen ifn featuring will be between Coldplay and Billie Eilish in the future. In any case, it would not be to displease the fans. To be continued !

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