Billie Eilish debuted as an actress, what is the series about and what singer is it inspired by?

Since his debut as an artist, billie eilish It did not stop growing within the entertainment industry. With just 2 albums, the singer positioned herself as one of the best among the youngest artists in the industry. Coming to win 29 awards and obtaining 86 nominations in just 9 years.

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Despite the fact that the public already considers her a consecrated artist, Eilish decided to investigate a new field, acting. At just 21 years old, the singer has already participated in a series produced by Amazon Prime Video, called “Swarm”.

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Although it is her first time as an actress, her fans expect her to appear in more audiovisual productions. The singer joins the list of artists who are also beginning their acting career, such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, among others.

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What is Swarm about?

The Swarm: Murderous Obsession or Swarm is a black comedy mixed with psychological horror that tells the story of Dre Greene who is obsessed with a pop star. However, his behavior begins to turn very dark as time goes by.

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The plot not only delves into the life of a teenager obsessed with an artist, but also into the dynamics of fandoms and how this worship ends in an aspect that deteriorates her life. The series has as its main topics human behavior, fanaticism and the sick desire of some people.

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Who is the Swarm series inspired by?

“This is not a work of fiction… any similarity to real people, living or dead, real events, is intentional”with this warning the series begins, which could take certain events and artists as inspiration. Taking a tone between ironic and original when looking for which artist the production is based on.

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One of the strongest theories is that it is based on the Beyoncé fandom, who call themselves “Beyhive”which means the name of the artist plus the word hive. who they accuse of being “spicy” when defending the artist. The series shows the aggressiveness of the Beyoncé fandom in real life, but in an extreme way. They even accuse those who are going to cancel or expel from the group of sending bee emojis.

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Another rumor that this series could be based on is when in 2016 a story emerged about a fan who had committed suicide when she found out that Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé. This story was eventually debunked.

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While none of these theories have been confirmed yet, this series could be based on many cases of artists being harassed and even killed by fans.

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