Billie Eilish forced to suspend a concert because of the heat!

Strong heat felt inside the O2 Arena prompted Billie Eilish to suspend her performance before resuming.

Strong heat felt inside the O2 Arena forced Billie Eilish to stop her concert for a few moments, before finally resuming. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

The heat at the origin of a suspension of concerts

Billie Eilish was forced to put her concert on hiatus on Saturday June 11 after fans felt the heat at the O2 Arena in London.

The many fans who came to see the singer suffered from the high temperatures inside the room. A situation that the artist immediately spotted before stopping the show.

The BBC reported that Billie Eilish was worried about the fans on the front of the stage and asked them: ” How are you ? People were fainting and being dragged out. It’s hot, I know. Stand back, give everyone space.”

And to add: If someone seems a little woozy, just tell someone. Don’t try to hide it”. Many fans took care of other people on the spot. Billie Eilish was then able to resume her concert a few minutes after.

Before this incident in London, the singer had already stopped a concert in Atlanta. Finneas’ sister then noticed that a spectator had breathing difficulties.

Since Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival tragedy last year, the safety of crowds during concerts or festivals is carefully studied.

During the event organized by the rapper, 10 people had died crushed by the mob in Houston. Several complaints had been filed. And an investigation into the circumstances of this tragedy is still ongoing.

When Billie Eilish mentions Johnny Depp in her new title

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish released a new song on stage during her concert in Manchester. The singer referenced Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit. A legal battle that the actor won.

According AND Canada, the 20-year-old and her brother Finneas unveiled TV, a new title at the AO Arena. ” We haven’t played new songs live since 2017 or 2018″, launched the singer to her audience. And to continue: “It’s the one we just wrote and we just wanted to play for you.” A performance that enchanted the millions of fans present.

The song mentions her breakup with Matthew Tyler Vorce as well as thee lawsuit between the two Hollywood stars. “The internet has gone crazy watching movie stars on trial.” After a date at the AO Arena and the O2 Arena, Billie Eilish will then travel to Birmigham and Glasgow.