Billie Eilish learned to play her first song at age 6 – Rock & Pop

with songs like “Ocean Eyes” And “bad man” who managed to lead the worldwide rankings, Billie Eilish has established herself as one of the most important artists Of the present era.

Here’s why Billie Eilish rose to fame at a young age The artist started studying music when she was very young., At the age of 6, he learned to sing and play an instrument for the first time.,

The first song Billie Eilish learned to play

one of the first devices Billie Eilish learned to play the ukulele, Since she was young she has composed her own songs, which did not sound too far from what we know today.

billy had only 6 years When he managed to learn his first song on the ukulele. With great talent that seems to be inborn, the current star managed to learn one of The Beatles’ most iconic songs as his first song.

Although the Beatles never used a ukulele in the instrumentalization of their songs, Billie Eilish learned The Beatles’ “I Will” as her first song,

since billy and phineas They were small, His mother taught him to play various songs by The Beatles so he could begin learning about music., it was like this after learning “I will”Other songs like little billy learned “I want to Hold Your Hand”,

“I will”The first song Billie Eilish learned to play on the ukulele Love melody that Paul McCartney wrote to his great love Linda Eastman, With sounds based on percussion and bass instruments, it is part of the song The Beatles’ self-titled album, released in 1968,

Let’s remember that Billie Eilish’s latest hits This is a song that was part of barbie movie soundtrack, we talk about “What am I made for?”One of the most listened to songs of this year and it confirms Billie’s current position in music.

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