Billie Eilish reveals who revolutionized the world of music (in her opinion)

billie eilish

billie eilishRenowned for his undeniable talent and success in the industry, has spoken openly about his main influences and references within music. In a recent appearance on the popular BBC podcast, “Dua Lipa: At Your ServiceOrganized by dua lipaEilish shared some details about her special journey in the world of music.

The event, which regularly features artists from diverse fields from fashion and music to literature and activism, serves as a platform billie eilish Discuss the challenges of growing and developing in an industry that is often critical and demanding, especially with female artists.

during the conversation, dua lipa inquired about the figures who have most influenced and shaped Eilish’s sound and style. without hesitation billy said the name king’s woolspecifically referring to his emblematic album “born to Die“Since 2012. Eilish expressed:”I feel like that album changed music. In particular, it changed music for womenFrom Billy’s point of view, king’s woolConsidered one of the world’s most personal voices, she opened up change and possibilities for future generations of female artists.

but the effect of Eilish They don’t stop here. he also told childish gambino and his albumbecause of the internetas an important source of inspiration, stating how it changed his perception of music. Furthermore, he referenced Justin Biber with your work “magazines” already neighborhood with “annihilated“, highlighting its influence on his musical development.

This interview offers an in-depth look at the inspirations behind the biggest musical phenomenon of our generation. Furthermore, it reaffirms the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the influences that helped shape art in all its forms.

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