Billie Eilish surprises her fans with a new look: “New Age” | outfit

More and more artists are channeling their different musical eras with new image changes. Last? Billie Eilish. The American, who had already left her platinum blonde hair behind, has decided to give her jet-black hair a touch of colour.

interpreter of bad man On this occasion, she has chosen Passion Red, a tone that we have seen in the past on other music stars such as Rosalia, Karol G, Shakira, Tini or Rihanna. However, Eilish hasn’t given herself some highlights or a bath of colour, no; He has targeted his roots.

With a single publication on Instagram, the young lady has revolutionized all her followers, who immediately began to wonder if any upcoming news would be revealed. “New Age” is the comment that is repeated most often among his fans.

On his part he asked, “Do you remember me?” With a selfie in which she is seen with her hair pulled up, clearly showing her bangs and the split between the two bangs space buns (bow tie). “How to miss it?” noted one.

What’s more, the artist has premiered this new Look – What will Magui say in the series Paquita SalasAt the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago on the night of August 3. The singer appeared with a black basketball kit which included a T-shirt oversized With the number 23 (the legendary number of Michael Jordan) on the back of the Chicago Bulls.

This would be Billie Eilish’s umpteenth move into the hairdressers. Throughout her career, we’ve seen her rock silver, neon green, aquamarine, brown, blue hair… There is no color that can oppose it. And they all look amazing.

happier than ever She was identified with the Marilyn Monroe-style blonde girl with whom she took the leap to maturity. With a color this bright red, will you leapfrog in quality to your third album once again?

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