Billie Eilish takes part in a short film about Lisa Simpson

The Simpson family is the subject of several short films broadcast on the Disney + platform. A film devoted to the Star Wars saga featuring the Simpsons has already seen the light of day, as has a short film centered on the Marvel universe called “The Good, The Bart, and The Loki”. This time, the platform has called on singer Billie Eilish to appear in a new short film dedicated to Lisa Simpson. Named “When Billie Met Lisa,” the film features the singer, who recently won an Oscar for the song “No Time To Die,” and her brother Finneas.

A musical collaboration

In this new short film, Lisa Simpson is in search of a quiet and isolated place where she can indulge her passion: playing the saxophone, without being disturbed. In her search for a quiet place, Marge and Homer’s daughter meets the “Everything I Wanted” singer and her brother, who invite the young girl to make music together. Lisa Simpson then participates in “a jam session that she will not soon forget”, according to the synopsis. A news revealed when the singer is one of the headliners of the famous Coachella festival. While rapper Kanye West canceled his visit a few weeks before the opening of the event, Billie Eilish, she performed on stage this Saturday, April 16, during a remarkable performance. Fans who were unable to attend the concert will therefore be able to console themselves by discovering the short film from April 22 on Disney +.

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