Billie Eilish talks about her sexuality and relationship with femininity

billie eilish expressed her perception of the distance between herself and other women in an interview with Diversity, She explains how this impacts her personal relationships and her identity as a woman.

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for version power of womenEilish honored for bringing awareness ‘Support + Feed‘, a non-profit organization that focuses on vegetarian food. In his interview, he talked about distancing himself from his life in the public eye as a teenager because of the effect it had on him. “External Verification” With the commercial successes of his music.

In the interview he talked about his relationships with the women in his life.

“I have a deep relationship With the women in my life, with the friends in my life, with my family in my life,” the singer saidwhat am i made for, from the movie ‘Barbie, “I am physically Attract Them. But I’m also intimidated by them and their beauty and presence.”

She says it hasn’t always been like this took He he doesn’t like it For other women. “I never felt like I could connect with women very well.” He said in the interview. “I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m really attracted to them.”

she explains the reason heavy changing room, “I wasn’t trying to stop people from having sex with me. But I didn’t want people to not have access to me.” Body, even visually. She wasn’t strong and confident enough to show it. “If I had shown it at the time, I would have been hurt if people had said anything about it.”

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The singer also touched on the aspect of her personal life, saying, “Maybe I didn’t care that people treated me sexually because I never felt wanted or desirable.” public presentation,

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