Billie Eilish used a stunt double at Coachella


The American singer diverted the attention of her fans during her concert at the Coachella festival in the California desert.

Billie Eilish won an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2022 for the song “No Time to Die”.

Billie Eilish won an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2022 for the song “No Time to Die”.


On April 16, 2022, Billie Eilish made history as the youngest Coachella headliner. The 20-year-old singer had also made an impression with a show that was simply exceptional. It is by evoking his performance in the Californian desert that the artist, who learned to live with his ticsrevealed to have tricked the public with a stunt double.

“A dancer was dressed in one of my show outfits. She wore a wig with two buns, a mask, sunglasses, and my shoes and socks. She was at the back of the stage while the lights came on. Everyone thought it was me. In fact, until today, no one ever knew it wasn’t me,” the star explained in “The Matt Wilkinson Show” on Apple Music.

The double deceived the crowd for two minutes, at the very beginning of the American’s concert, when the giant screens were not yet on and plumes of smoke invaded the stage. Billie Eilish took advantage of this moment to cross the crowd and join the podium which advanced in the middle of the people, where she began to sing. Will she use the same kind of ploy for her Glastonbury intro on Friday June 24, 2022? The one who will become, also there, the youngest solo artist to perform on the big stage of the British festival did not say a word. Referring to this big meeting, she just conceded “not wanting to think about it too much” for fear “that the pressure will spoil everything”.


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