Billie Eilish wanted her new perfume to “smell like rain”

The “bad guy” singer launches Eilish No.2 after the success of her debut fragrance, Eilish by Billie Eilish. She knew from the start what the perfume should smell like.

She told Refinery29: “I wanted it to be really dark, dank, grey, metallic and cold, but also warm in the way it makes you feel.

“I wanted it to be spicier, more versatile, a bit more in the spice, pine needle and pepper realm.

“I wanted it to feel like rain and water and mist. Rain has a special smell, and wet sidewalks have a special smell. And I wanted to involve that in Eilish No.2.”

While a number of stars have launched their own fragrances alongside skincare or makeup lines, Billie has no plans to venture outside of the world of fragrance.

She said: “I’m also thinking about [des lignes de produits de beauté pour célébrités], because the way the world works is, you know, you’re a celebrity and you f****** this and that, and you release stuff and you sell it and you make money. And I understand. You make money the way you do, and a lot of beauty products make you a lot of money. So I understand people when they make some kind of beauty product.

“But I don’t care about that kind of stuff. I’m really interested in perfumes, though.”

The 20-year-old singer has been approached to launch her own beauty line, but she’s adamant she’s not interested because it’s not something she knows well.

She continues, “I don’t care at all about creating a beauty line, a makeup line, a face line, whatever. I don’t know any of that except what I use. personally, and I would never want to be the spokesperson for something I don’t understand.

“Like everyone else, I was offered loads of beauty products and launching this and that and launching a line like this, and I just declined, because I was like, ‘I don’t know none of that.” And I don’t want to be an impostor and tell people, ‘Here, buy my product and give me money that I have no idea about,’ you know?

“I literally don’t give a damn. I love fragrances so much and I’m so passionate about them it’s not even funny. So there you go.”

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