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From the United States, an international tour and the presentation of an artist in Mexico, became a trend thanks to a content creator. billie eilish gave a show in the Federal District before an audience that acclaimed her throughout the night, but a striking and curious fact after her Happier Than Ever, The World Tour 2023 in Aztec lands, ended up making her image go viral in TikTok. Find out who is the protagonist of this story, and what is the reason for the trend in the Chinese social network.

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Does more than 2 decades, california saw birth to the Fruit of love that they had Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connelland that after 28 years of marriage is reflected in the great musical performances from his only daughter.

billie eilish grew up and grew up in the Highland Park neighborhoodand in the within a family of artists composed for musician and screenwritera actressand a consolidated big brother as composer and supporting actor.

Of Irish ancestry and Scottish by estate his parentsthe successful american singer to its short age it is already a true star of the pop scene thanks to songs performed and thrown in their Studio albums graduates When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?and Happier Than Ever.

Likewise, the Billie Eilish discography contains 2 Extended Play (EP), 29 singlesand 21 music videosamong which the topics called “ocean eyes”, “When the Party’s Over”, “Bad Guy“, and “Lovelyfeat. khalidamong others.

He Dec. 18 of 2023 will fulfill 22 years having debuted as an actress in the horror series swarm” That premiered on March 17 in Prime Videoand also suffering from a nervous system disorder named as Tourette syndrome that you diagnosed at age 11.

Currently, and since February 3rd of 2022, billie eilish it’s found offering his fifth world tour with 84 dates that included his fans from Mexico City (CDMX) for end of march.

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By second time since started his musical careerthe 21 year old Californian artist visited CDMX for appear at the Foro Sol in view of more than 50 thousand people.

He spectacular concert of billie eilish that is part of his world tour Happier Than Ever 2023, gained greater notoriety behind the culmination of the show Due to the publication and mass reproduction of a video on social networks that shows how part of the attendees the they confused with Ana Pau Castell.

The woman in question is a young actress, dancer and influencers of mexican origin what do you like about ballet, acted in “Poor Rich Family” and with more than 500 thousand followers leads preferences in TikTok.

After the presentation of the pop singer born in Los Angeles in CDMX he March 30th, Ana Pau Castell, event attendee thanks to GNP Insurance, recorded and identified the manner in which the Billie Eilish fans believed in that instant what was the true american artist.

Dressed in urban clothesthe content creator got out of the car with tinted windows in which is foundand was parked in the Parking area of the sun forum for leverage the situation and say hello to the people who yelled for her wrongly.

Hey, what a fart, the people over there think I’m Billie Eilish”, expressed with a sense of humor Ana Pau Castellwho was also requested by a fan to take a selfieand between laughs and laughter HE said goodbye to those who, due to emotion, mistakenly believed they had their favorite artist so close.

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