Billie Eilish will organize conferences for the climate during her tour

For Billie Eilish, next June will mark the start of her Irish and English tour. Baptized “Happier Than Ever”, just like his album released last July, the Oscar-winning artist’s tour will be accompanied by conferences on the subject of the climate and the environmental crisis. Indeed, very committed to the ecological cause, Billie Eilish wanted to organize several round tables dedicated to this subject. Called “Overheated”, literally “overheated” in French, these events will take place in London from June 10, at the very famous hall of the O2 Arena. The objective through these conferences is to highlight the major problem of the climate and to raise the awareness of as many people as possible on this theme.

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Famous guests will come to animate the debates

The six conferences planned will feature artistic performances related to the environmental cause, as well as discussions between musicians, activists, designers and other cultural personalities on subjects such as the benefits of vegetarianism, how the music industry could be more ecological or even sustainable fashion. If the first date will be hosted by Billie Eilish herself, accompanied by her brother Finneas, the following will see several personalities succeed one another. For the moment, the participants announced according to “Forbes” are: the climate activist Vanessa Nakate and the youtubeur Jack Harries. A documentary featuring Billie Eilish, artist Yungblud and designer Vivienne Westwood will also be screened during these meetings. Norwegian singer Sigrid will also be on the guest list for the June 16 conference. The funds collected thanks to the sale of the tickets for access to the conferences will then be donated to two associations which fight for the environment. The first REVERB is an organization dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of touring artists and mobilizing fans around the well-being of the planet. While the second Support + Feed, created by Billie Eilish’s mother, Maggie Baird, fights against “food and climate insecurity”. “We are delighted to be in London and to have this opportunity to connect and discuss the different ways we can take action to alleviate the climate crisis,” said Maggie Baird, according to comments relayed by the media “Hello! “.

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