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He is one of the most talented artists on the international scene. Their repertoire consists of songs that are played loudly and frequently ‘Bury a friend’, ‘lovely’ or ‘growing old’. we talk about billie eilish, who have had more difficulty than others in coming into the media spotlight. Something that, when you have a musical ability like his, is completely inevitable. The artist always finds it difficult to accept her body and herself as she is. And he has talked about it in depth An interview given to ‘Variety’ magazine, A conversation in which he opened his heart so that we could understand some of his behaviors on stage or on social networks.

Because, when she started her career, the clothes she wore were always loose, as if trying not to see her figure under the clothes. In 2021, she took a radical turn by wearing lingerie for the cover of the British edition of ‘Vogue’. But, What was going through good old Eilish’s mind about acting with those costumes? “I wasn’t trying to stop people from sexually exploiting me,” she begins to argue, before delving into the issue: “Maybe the fact is that I didn’t really care about being sexual, because I Never felt wanted or desirable. I never felt desirable. i never felt feminine, I would have to Make yourself believe that I am a beautiful girl,

“I didn’t want people to have access to my body, not even visually, She wasn’t strong or confident enough to show it. If I had shown it at that time. If people had said anything, I would have been completely devastated.” says Billie, who in 2019 wrote ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ Made her debut in the music industry at the age of just 17 with the release of the self-titled album.

The surprise of the song dedicated to Olivia Rodrigo

By the way, during this conversation he also confessed about his musical career. especially on the topic that is dedicated to olivia rodrigo, something they had never talked about. What song is he talking about? “There’s a song on my latest album called ‘Goldwing’ that’s about him. I never told anyone about it.”, after insisting that he feels the need to act as his professional colleague’s protector. And she does so with this song in which she is heard saying: “Fairy with the golden wings. Go home, tell no one what you are. You are holy and they are hungry. And their art makes them dark. And there you are to destroy yourself.”, Or is it the same: it speaks of a vulnerable person involved in the whirlpool of an industry who, after all these years in which he has been so exposed, knows that it is not simple.

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