Billionaire Bill Miller tells you to invest in Bitcoin, but not altcoins


He was one of the few Wall Street billionaires to believe in cryptocurrencies early on.

Bill Miller is in fact considered a kind of virtual currency guru. He has always considered Bitcoin a good investment and in fact he has always invested a lot in it. He recently did an all-round speech on Bitcoin and in general on all cryptocurrencies. In general, the billionaire has tried to answer all those who say that Bitcoin currently has a really too high price. He argues that there is no point in looking only at the price but one must also look at the level of adoption of cryptocurrency. Today many companies and many institutional investors invest in Bitcoin and even among ordinary people it has become a very popular and widespread investment.

Only a very few make sense

In addition, the billionaire has a markedly changed attitude towards cryptocurrency and believes that today it is considered in general as a much more normal and less bizarre investment than in the past. Consequently, he advises, as he has always done, to invest in Bitcoins. Although he admits that Ethereum also makes profound investment sense. However, he doesn’t like altcoins very much. He underlines how the projects in circulation are really a huge number and there will be very few that will resist, indeed perhaps no one will stay. Surely the attitude of many around Bitcoin appears to have changed and the billionaire intercepts this remarkable change of perspective. Then he also drew a parallel between Tesla and Coinbase by claiming that Coinbase will soon it could even surpass market capitalization in the well-known electric car maker.


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In short, for the billionaire the more time passes, the more stable the virtual currency becomes and lowers the risks for those who invest in it.

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It is a very open debate on virtual currencies which, however, are still awaiting regulation.

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