Binance becomes sponsor of Lazio and announces a new Launchpad!


Binance signs a multi-year partnership with Lazio. Also announced a new dedicated Launchpad event. The protagonist cryptocurrency will be the “fan token” of the Italian team. In the previous Launchpad, investors made over 6,000% in just a few hours. A success destined to repeat itself?

Binance Lazio
The new jerseys with the main sponsor Binance. Web image

Another happy awakening for investors of BNB, the native cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange. Just today a new Launchpad event was announced, the twenty-second in the young history of the exchange.

The launchpad event follows the announcement of the new partnership agreement with the Italian football team Lazio.

In this article we have described the incredible success of the last event of this kind, which set an incredible new record. This makes us quite optimistic for this new event as well. We promised you that you would be the first and know how and when to be able to participate in the new edition of the Launchpad. Here we are, then!

The LAZIO fan-token on Binance

With token fans, investors can access exclusive content and participate in other activities proposed by their favorite team, such as augmented reality mini-games. Mostly, fan token holders can also vote on decisions (mostly of minor importance at the moment) related to their clubs.

These fan tokens have so far been created by a crypto platform called Socios. Quoting directly from the Socios website, fan tokens “give you the status of a true influencer. Come forward and help your team make the right decisions by voting on all their official polls… ”Other Italian teams such as Juventus, Inter and Milan also have their fan tokens. Like other small-cap cryptocurrencies, fan tokens are extremely volatile assets and have very little history. Therefore, investing in these instruments requires caution and may not make sense in most cases. For football and technology fans, on the other hand, one day they could turn out to be digital properties capable of giving a lot of satisfaction and bringing fans closer to the sporting life of their favorite club. For the new Lazio token, the operation should be very similar.

Binance Launchpad, how to participate in the record event

In the world of investments, you know, there are no guarantees. However, Binance and the good CZ – co-founder and CEO – have created a new token launch system that has never left investors disappointed so far. In the past editions, the tokens protagonists of the launchpads have made incredible increases on the day of the launch. We are talking about increases of the order of 5,000% in a few hours. Of course, you cannot expect to win a high allocation of these tokens at the initial price, unless you invest a lot of capital. However, participating is simple and it is still possible to do so even with very small capital. It may therefore be worthwhile to understand how it works and then think about whether it is right for us.

If you are not a Binance member, you need to register and verify your account to participate. To do this it is necessary to provide adequate documentation. The process may take a few days, so participation in this event is unfortunately not guaranteed.

If you already have a verified account, great news! To participate, you just have to accumulate some BNB (on this point we recommend extreme caution. It is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies, but also one of the most volatile therefore the dollar value could undergo significant variations).

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How to get the new tokens at the launch price

Binance will calculate the average of the BNB held starting from 2:00 am on October 14th until 2:00 am on October 21st.

October 21:

From 8:00, for 4 hours, it will be possible to subscribe the BNB you want to use (the maximum amount is equal to the average calculated as indicated above).

At 12 noon, we will know how many of our BNBs will be exchanged for the new cryptocurrency at the introductory price. It is impossible to know our allocation in advance. To get an idea, in the last edition for each subscribed BNB about $ 0.42 was allocated in the new cryptocurrency. Within seconds of launch, it had grown by over 5,000%.

At 13:00 we will receive the new cryptocurrency in our wallet, in the quantity determined by the previous points.

The listing time is not certain, but normally at 14:00 the exchanges begin. We will then be able to freely sell our Lazio cryptocurrency.

In the past editions, the initial value has jumped by a few thousand percentage points a few seconds after launch.

Good fun!

What is reported in the article is in no way intended as financial advice. We remind you that investing in cryptocurrencies always exposes you to the risk of loss, even in full, of the invested capital. Always do your research before investing.


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