Bishop denies Fiona entered Higüey through exit of the virgin

During the celebration of the Day of the Virgen de las Mercedes, spiritual patron of the Dominican, in the Church of the same name in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Raúl Berzosa, bishop Spanish missionary in the Dominican Republic, called not to pay attention to those who say that misfortune came to Higuey because the Virgin of Altagracia was removed from the Basilica.

After 100 years without having been moved from the Basilica, the Virgin was transferred to Santo Domingo, to the Olympic Stadium, last August and to other parts of the city.

“You can say that because the Virgin of Altagracia was taken from Higuey misfortune has entered there,” said the priest during the Eucharist.

He goes on to say: “If we start making jokes and jokes, we would have to say the opposite… Thanks to the Virgin of Altagraciashe acted as a lightning rod attracting the worst where she was, from level 4 the hurricane remained at 1, “he said in defense of the saint.

The province of La Altagracia, especially the municipality of Boca de Yuma, was where the hurricane entered at dawn last Monday Fiona the country, leaving disasters in that and other provinces of the East coast.

Berzosa explained that “the hurricane made us see where, in lands rich in tourism, there are poor brothers in need and that we have to be in solidarity with them.”

The bishop He assured that the Virgin performed three miracles: taking the worst for herself, keeping the hurricane at level 1 (although it has done a lot of damage) and making us supportive and fraternal with those who need them.

At the end the monsignor asked for applause for the Virgin of Altagracia.

Dominican journalist and broadcaster, graduated from the UASD. He covers the source for the National Congress and Politics for Diario Libre. He has also worked for the newspapers Listín Diario and El Nuevo Diario.

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