Bitcoin, a new phishing email is discovered that threatens users

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Bitcoin-based online scams know no pauses and even summer phishing messages crowd into users’ inboxes. The scammers have come up with a new way to try to deceive the unfortunate and cause huge economic losses.

In fact, the new phishing attempt is based precisely on the promise of a profit in Bitcoin without any user intervention. Indeed, in the message received from one of our readers you can read that there is already a bonus on the online account.

The user will only have to log in to redeem it and then get hold of the sum of money in cryptocurrencies. Once you have accepted everything, you can move the money to your private current account.

Bitcoins are at the center of a new phishing email scam

However, none of this is true as it is just a scam. The hackers monitor the login page to the fake platform and are ready to steal the credentials used to log in.

In this way, they can get hold of emails, passwords and temporary codes used by users and try to insert them on the real bank accounts of the same. If this is successful, the potential economic losses for users could be incalculable.

Below is the message that our reader received on their inbox:

Welcome bonus
This is an automated message regarding your Bitcoin account and balance.

Your bonus is ready!
Thank you for your interest in the Bitcoin program,
We want to inform you that your balance is ready to be transferred to your account.

Confirm the payment!

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