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Last week was a turbulent week in the cryptocurrency world and it looks like it’s not over yet. I got the prices a week ago A hand from the Twitter newsThen they took a big hit because of the situation About the Chinese real estate company Evergrande.

The cryptocurrency market managed to recover a little later, but prices fell again on Friday due to the ban in China. At the time of writing, prices have fallen again. Total market cap failed to recover to $ 2 trillion this week, falling to $ 1.88 trillion this morning.


Bitcoin (BTC) It was above $ 48,000 a week ago and then dropped to $ 40,000. The price then briefly bounced back to $ 45,000, but then dropped to $ 41,000. Volatility began to decline yesterday and the price consolidated. However, they failed to fetch the $ 43,000 and things looked pretty shaky. Last night, $ 43,000 was rejected again and bitcoin dropped to $ 42,000. Bitcoin plummeted again this morning, returning below $ 41,000.

Bitcoin has dropped to that level three times this week, but has held up every time, so it may be back now. However, it doesn’t look very stable and a drop towards $ 39,000 is also possible. Bitcoin has dropped as much as 14% this week, and a new $ 50,000 test now seems a long way off right now.


Altcoins are generally getting tougher today. Ethereum (ETH) failed to break above $ 2,950 yesterday, dropped to $ 2,850 last night and is currently falling to $ 2,750. Ether has also crossed that bottom line three times this week, but it’s not entirely certain if it will last. The ether price is also 19% at a negative level this week.

Cardano (ADA) I got a big push last night because of this news. The ADA price went up to $ 2.45, but then dropped sharply again. The ADA fell to $ 2.15 this morning, down 12%. However, the ADA is down “only” 8% this week, the lowest in the top ten.

Binance Coin (BNB) has also been dragging the correlation to the downside for a while. The price of BNB comes in at $ 322 and is down 22% this week. Solana (SOL), which recently experienced a massive rally, suffered the worst cryptocurrency this week. This week the SOL fell to $ 125 and lost 25%, as Polkadot (DOT) shares fell sharply this morning. DOT comes in at $ 27.3 which is down 23%.

Several Chinese cryptocurrencies have been hit hardest this week. Both EOS (EOS) and iota (MIOTA) are down 33% from last week. Filecoin (FIL) is down by almost 40%, while huobi token (HT) is down by more than 50%. Huobi, China’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange It just announced it will close all customers from Mainland China by the end of this year:

However, there is also an exception in the cryptocurrency market this week. Celer Network (CELR) entered the top 100 last week. The price of CELR has risen 60% this week and also over 300% this month. CELR jumped again this morning and a new one arrived absolutely high (ATH) Van $ 0.195.

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