Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices today March 8, 2022

This Tuesday, March 8, 2022, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and others show variations in the financial markets while investors remain attentive to what is developing in Ukraine with the conflict with Russia and how other international actors intervene in the diplomatic issue.

The first and main of the cryptocurrencies exhibits a slight setback against the greenback, but remains close to the level of 39 thousand dollars per unit, but maintains some stability in the most recent hours.

Bitcoin price this March 8, 2022:

  • Bitcoin in US dollars: 38 thousand 927.90
  • Bitcoin in Mexican pesos: 831 thousand 643.98
  • Bitcoin in Colombian pesos: 147 million 166 thousand 761.50
  • Bitcoin in Argentine pesos: 4 million 204 thousand 078.66
  • Bitcoin in Chilean pesos: 31 million 462 thousand 437.50
  • Bitcoin in euros: 35 thousand 475.69

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Ethereum price this March 8, 2022:

  • Ethereum in US dollars: 2 thousand 578.12
  • Ethereum in Mexican pesos: 55 thousand 116.60
  • Ethereum in Colombian pesos: 9 million 796 thousand 263.03
  • Ethereum in euros: 2 thousand 363.10

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Dogecoin price this March 8, 2022:

  • Dogecoin in US dollars: 0.12
  • Dogecoin in Mexican pesos: 2.53
  • Dogecoin in Colombian pesos: 449.72
  • Dogecoin in euros: 0.11

When you make operations with these digital currencies, a fundamental aspect to keep in mind is that their volatility is part of their main characteristics and the ideal is that you closely follow their behavior in real time when finalizing a transaction.

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