Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardiano and XRP drop slightly, the prices of Polkadot, Terra and Solana continue to rise »Crypto Insider

The last meeting in DE Cryptocurrency The market has calmed down a bit and a lot of prices today are turning a little red. Although the market has contracted slightly, a number of cryptocurrencies are still strongly up, keeping the total market cap above $ 2 trillion for the time being.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) Yesterday I couldn’t get a new one plow It stabilized and dropped to $ 46,000. The bitcoin price briefly recovered to $ 46,500, but then dropped to $ 45,500. Bitcoin then attempted a rally and briefly returned to $ 46,500, but the price has yet to find support. At the moment, Bitcoin is still hovering around $ 46,000, but the price is starting to look less stable and a $ 50,000 test seems to be more and more. The price may find support here and the rally may resume, but a correction first to $ 44,000 or possibly even $ 41,500 should come as no surprise. Why a number of Altcoin Although it has increased significantly today, Bitcoin’s dominance has dropped to 42%.


Ethereum (ETH) In general, Bitcoin is still followed. Ether is also looking for support between $ 3,150 and $ 3,200, but doesn’t seem to find it yet. This means that the price may first correct back to $ 3000, but in case the Ether goes up, there is some resistance around $ 3300.

Cardano (ADA) Is going down a bit more after today’s decent rise. The ADA price fell as low as $ 2.04 last night, then rallied enormously bounce, bounce Back to $ 2.14 and back to $ 2.06. Ripple (XRP) Also corrects downward more powerfully. The price of XRP fell from $ 1.31 to $ 1.16, down 11% in 24 hours. Both prices are still 60% off the last two weeks.

However, two of the top ten prices are still good in today’s upswing. Polkadot (DOT) hit $ 27.09 this morning after gaining more than 10%. Solana, who is now in tenth place after a huge career, continues to rise strongly. The price of SOL has risen again by 20% today and sets a new price absolutely high (ATH) from $ 74.08. The SOL increased 120% from two weeks ago.

Terra (LUNA), which is now the 16th largest cryptocurrency on the market, also continues to grow. LUNA was up 21% today and just hit ATH at $ 26.20. The MOON has risen nearly 300% this month. The toughest rally today is Audius (AUDIO), which climbed 100% to $ 3.90 last night.

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