Bitcoin is flying towards the highest ever


58,739 dollars: this is the threshold touched by Bitcoin in the last few hours before docilely retreating towards 58,000. Those who were waiting to evaluate what would happen on the threshold of 55,000 dollars can therefore celebrate: the resistance has been knocked down, the 58,000 level is also broken and now the bar inevitably rises.

Bitcoin, highs in sight

Till where? This is what has happened in the last year, a path that seems to clarify what the scenarios that open up may be:

1 year of Bitcoin

1 year of Bitcoin (source CoinGecko)


Bitcoin hit $ 63,000 in April, but in general it is the level of 60,000 that has created the ideal maximum barrier that has been approached several times. At these levels, Bitcoin has always folded back: several times towards 50,000, more recently to 40,000. We are facing a level that can therefore open up new scenarios: those who indicated the possibility of a “quota of 100,000” by the end of the year are well aware of the objectives they have set for their investment.

Could it be a good time to start investing in Bitcoin? It can be. The alternative is to wait for a new collapse. Raise your hand if you have certainties in this regard, but those who have bet on it up to now can only celebrate the returns set aside. Bitcoin alone has set aside 5% in the last week and 40% in the last two weeks. Over 400% in a year, but with thrilling ups and downs. Anyone intending to approach this type of investment, in short, do it with caution: a free account in demo mode could be the right first step.

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