Bitcoin now cleared of customs. Even the Economist recommends it.


Bitcoin is really hogging attention on itself. In a world that fights against the energy crisis and inflation not to mention the variants of the covid, the attention on Bitcoin is getting stronger.

Above all, people are bewildered by the role they can play in the event of a crisis. Is it really a safe haven or is it just a colossal flash in the pan? The economic and monetary authorities want to regulate it to the point of strangling it, say the evil ones. Yet today the prestigious Economist recommends it as a defensive tool in the context of a diversified portfolio. But what is changing in Bitcoin? It is difficult to understand why such an inherently dangerous virtual currency is simultaneously the subject of concern of central banks but at the same time is systematically increasingly accepted and cleared by newspapers and investment advisors. It is something complex to decipher but what is certain is that we are all getting used to cryptocurrencies.

Why is it cleared through customs?

But is this good or bad? If they are indeed a bubble as many claim, this undisturbed spread can only be a great danger. Recall that 18% of Italians own Bitcoin. But when interviewed about what this cryptocurrency is, practically no one was able to answer clearly. In short, with cryptocurrencies we need prudence and the calls from central banks should not be underestimated. Diversification is important as the Economist points out, but are we sure we understand what we are diversifying into?


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Meanwhile, Biden has created a commission to set rules and stakes for cryptocurrencies and above all altcoins. We will see how the market will digest the various regulations that are not the world are developing on crypto.

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The British newspaper bothered Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz who explained how it was convenient to have a mix of investments at different risks. But this should not lead to underestimating the risk.

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