Bitcoin: SEC takes it easy | VanEck ETF postponed


Who is afraid of Bitcoin? We have been wondering about this for a few months now pages of, with some answers to the question that, over time, has become more and more convincing.

SEC, for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission, that is the American government body that regulates and controls the financial markets and the assets that are traded there. Another postponement for the ETF based on Bitcoin, even when these are proposed by industry giants like VanEck.

VanEck ETF postponed again - that's why - by
SEC still takes time: Meanwhile, VanEck …

Someone might see us one bad news, but it is yet another sign that the BTC movement – and more generally of cryptocurrencies – scares the world of classic finance. Who should be the referee who, by now it is evident, does not know which way to go.

How to take advantage of this news – Possible signs:

Bitcoin signals and target prices – SEC resistance is useless

Bitcoin scares SEC – another ETF postponed

And it’s not the first time this has happened. SEC has on his table dozens of similar products, which have been proposed by more or less all the main ones fund managers of the world, the same fund managers they administer in America thousands of ETFs or in active management. The question intermediary it is therefore null.

To put SEC in a difficult position is in no uncertain terms Bitcoin, with the very powerful organization that first took time, then sent to say through its president Gary Gensler who would have preferred products based on CME futures and then… it took time again.

A situation that has something paradoxical – that as we had told it is already making powerful fund managers impatient – and that in all likelihood will not resolve itself for the next few months. Since, even this one reading that we were the first to give, on the skin of Bitcoin ETFs a relentless struggle is taking place between the majority Dem and the minority Rep.

Postponement to November 14, when there will probably be …

Another postponement? It will not be possible. Yesterday’s statement reports a extension notice, or an extension of the evaluation times, by another 60 days, with the next useful date which will be that of November 14. Date by which, we translate directly:

The commission will approve or disapprove.

A promise – also supported by legal practices – which, however, now very few believe, given that the SEC has continued to postpone the approvals not only of VanEck, but also of other renowned fund managers. A rebound game that – according to the majority of analysts – denotes something quite clear. That is that SEC he has absolutely no intention of resolving the issue, following orders from above.

A paradoxical situation: Bitcoin ETFs are completely normal elsewhere

In Canada, but also in the European Union, as well as in South America we can find ETFs that replicate, physically or synthetically, the trend on the Bitcoin market. Financial products very normal, which, however, in the US are encountering very important resistance.

All this despite having proposed the approval of these products there are managers of enormous importance, among which we mention Valkyrie, Fidelity, Kryptoin, WisdomTree and SkyBridge – practically the gotha of international capitalism. VanEck also had already got his hands on, requesting a different ETF based on futures, according to the desired by Gensler, exactly 1 month ago.

Because it is NOT bad news for Bitcoin

Because ETF or not, investors still have great financial products to gain access to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as they can, through exchange or through dedicated platforms, buy cryptocurrency directly. Different companies are moving in the same way, we think about MicroStrategy it’s at Tesla, but not only that, which have BTC directly on hand.

Banking groups such as JPM, Morgan Stanley And Wells Fargo – to mention the three most important in the United States, they are already offering access to Bitcoin via private funds to wealthier customers. For how much resistance it can do SEC, the revolution has now begun – and all the economic operators of the world’s leading financial power are more than agreed on a simple fact: Bitcoin is a financial asset to all intents and purposes, whether or not SEC’s stubborn resistance continues.


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