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While millions of Argentines celebrate because they are confident that, applying the president-elect’s exact formula, “within 35 years we will be the first country in the world,” A negligible number of retirees, and those with disabilities or chronic diseases contemplate with horror what the bitter privatization measures predict for them, which, as leaders of that sector anticipated, we are planning to impose on Are.,

Despite many shortcomings, the local health system offers many benefits that are often absent in much of the region., To begin with, vaccinations for adults and children, We have one of the most complete free vaccination programs in the world, recognized by the World Health Organization and whose cost can exceed one million pesos a year when considering a complete family with small children. This made possible the eradication of polio from this continent, Reduce measles to almost elimination (there was a small outbreak in recent years, right around the time vaccination was discontinued), reduce liver transplants due to fulminant liver failure to almost zero (thanks to vaccination against hepatitis A) and controlled the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic through a campaign that reached practically the entire population.

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Those who are lucky enough to get private medicine get discounts of about 40% on medicines. But besides that, they are also in Argentina Millions of people receive their treatment or undergo diagnostic procedures without paying a single peso Through public programs. Some, high or very high cost.

For example, people who suffer from HIV-AIDS, who were infected with tuberculosis or who developed Chagas disease, all infections whose diagnosis and treatment are paid for by the state. Too Many people who undergo cancer treatment have multiple sclerosis or spinal muscular atrophy, a hereditary disease that affects motor neurons and can now be cured thanks to a treatment considered the most expensive in the world. In January this year, the Ministry of Health began the procurement of this recombinant gene therapy, which benefits approximately 300 boys and girls, and which required an investment of $ 1.3 million + VAT per patient within the framework of a strategy Payments are made to the extent that observed results respond to expected progress according to the available scientific evidence.

Apart from this, people affected by rare diseases, epilepsy and diabetes also. Retirees undergoing treatment at PAMI receive over a hundred medicines that make up their required Vedamecum, completely free of charge. A negligible amount at a time when pharmacy expenses form a significant part of the family budget.

The Remedier + Redes program, aimed at people without social work coverage and without the possibility of obtaining them, guarantees access to essential medicines. And Law 26,862 establishes that every person of legal age, regardless of their sexual orientation or marital status, whether they have social work, are prepaid or receive care in the public health system, to achieve maximum pregnancy. May use complex assisted fertilization techniques. Up to three attempts.

As state spending cuts progress, we will all, to a greater or lesser extent, from now on have to look at how to manage without help.

“Let him who has to die” seems to be the slogan. And with this approach, there will be many who will not see the promised land within 35 years.

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