Bizarre’s reaction to watching Taylor Swift dance session #53 during Shakira’s show at the MTV VMAs

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Taylor Swift was crowned queen of the MTV VMAs during the performances, notably dancing with Shakira. She was particularly excited about Bizarrap’s Session #53 and the Argentinian producer wanted to thank the artist for liking the song.

MTV VMAs 2023 or MTV Shakira? This year’s music awards held in New Jersey have received a feminine and Latin stamp after the Colombian’s stellar performance. Review of some of the greatest songs of his career She Wolf, I congratulate you Or a session with Bizarrap.

Everyone enjoyed the show but the one who had the best time was Taylor Swift, She danced and sang in all the solos and we were able to give her the title of queen of the night.

One of the most iconic moments was the presentation of session #53 and Piqué’s wave of criticism. A tiradera which the people present chanted in unison. Swift enjoyed the final moments of the performance With fellow singer Sabrina CarpenterFor friends and initial work eras tour During his time in Latin America.

Moments later, the camera captured the interpreter shake it off Discussing the songs from Session 53 with Carpenter,Full of references to Shakira’s former partner and father of her two children, former Catalan footballer Gerard Piqué, and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia.

A few days later, the Argentine producer spoke and wanted to send a message to Taylor Swift. In particular, she has referred to a tweet in which she is seen dancing. A sunglasses emoticon has been added.

It is clear that he is feeling very proud that his song has reached the queen of music herself.

Shakira reacts to Taylor Swift’s dance

This message comes after a few days Shakira Shared the video of the American dance on her social networks and dedicated some beautiful words to her.

She wrote, “It’s a real joy to see Taylor enjoying this so much! Total fan!!! ❤️.”

Will we see Taylor record a session with Bizarrap?

The queens crown each other and we can’t enjoy it anymore.

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