Black Adam is the only one who can save DC according to Dwayne Johnson

According to Dwayne Johnson, black adam will save DC and heralds a new era for the franchise.

In 1985, screenwriter Marv Wolfman and cartoonist George Pérez gave birth to the saga Crisis on Infinite Earths, a saga that definitively upsets the DC universe and which gives the publisher the opportunity to modify many titles, partially relieved of forty years of history. Marvel will do the same eleven years later with Heroes Reborn. A more or less effective method of opening their franchise to neophyte readers. As you can see, the reboot is not new for Marvel or DC.

However, one could imagine that DC was going to take advantage of black adam, supposed to relaunch Warner, to offer yet another reboot, after the failure of its DCEU. However, the interpreter of Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, made it clear that black adam Wasn’t a reboot at all. On the contrary, it announces a new era while relying on major characters from the DC universe, as Dwayne Johnson has again affirmed with CinemaBlend. :

Black Adam: PictureRock Thunder

“Absolutely, that’s the whole point of the character. Thanks for asking me the question. And I’ve been saying it for a while now, it’s a new era that’s starting for the DC universe. What I wanted to say with these remarks is that we introduce a whole new protagonist. It’s not a sequel, not an existing license… it’s, you know, Black Adam! Two years ago, the world didn’t know who it was. We knew him, but not most of the public. You have to introduce the JSA, introduce this new DC era.

Black Adam: photo, Aldis HodgeTake that, Justice League

But there’s something else I also mean by new era DC, that thing is listening to the fans. Do our best to listen to the fans and above all to give them what they want. Let them hope maybe that one day or another, they will get it… even if I knew that in wrestling, we can’t always grant them. But you still need to let them know you’re listening. And in the case that we are talking about here, this famous fight, I have listened to the fans on this subject for years and I wanted to speak to them.

Because I always wanted someone to stand up and tell the fans, we heard you. That is why, after so much time, we have come to this. And our main objective now is to build this new era, this new era. Now, let’s shape it. »

Black Adam: PictureDwayne Johnson steps out of the shadows to save the DC Universe at the movies

With this equivocal speech, The Rock seems to want to wipe the slate clean to prepare for a bright future, since according to him, he would have discovered the miracle formula to straighten Warner and DC, that of fan service. A recipe that is not always a guarantee of quality given the recent No Way Home signed Marvel or Jurassic World: The World After from Universal who used the process ad nauseam with commensurate commercial success (in the absence of positive reviews).

If the actor’s statements seem sincere, however, it is difficult not to imagine that all of this responds above all to well-rehearsed marketing. In any case, we hope that DC will go beyond a clash between demi-gods to offer us a show worthy of the name. We will know on October 19, when black adamif his bet is successful.

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