Black Adam: The Rock is cooking the first trailer for June 8, 2022

Presented during the DC Fandome 2021 for the first time on video, the film black adam has been very stingy with pictures since. A semblance of teaser for the SuperBowl, some images taken on the set or the reshoots from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but still nothing concrete to get your teeth into. While the film was recently moved to October, we now know that there are only a handful of days left before discovering the first trailer for one of the films. DC Comics the most anticipated of the year.

Soon the end of a long wait

It is again through his social networks, by sharing a new photo taken on the film sets, that Dwayne Johnson announced, finally, the famous date on which the world will be able to discover the first trailer from the movie black adam. It’s already in the title of the article, so you probably haven’t opened the article, unless you want to taste a little bit of our delicate prose – in which case, here it is for you, and in bold please: June 8, 2022 should therefore be marked with a small cross on your calendar.

On the program, the introduction to the general public of an anti-hero widely popularized by years of appearances on other adaptations of comics, whether animated series or video games such asInjustice. Said to be as powerful if not more than Superman, black adam is there, according to its interpreter, to “overturn the scales of power” of the cinematographic universe DC Comics. The movie of Jaume Collet-Serra will also be responsible for introducing the Justice Society of Americaa far from thin affair and which will inevitably interest fans of DC Comics. The appointment is therefore made within ten days. We will obviously be present to share the trailer in question with you.

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