“Black Alien”, the man who wants to be an alien, now wants to split his penis in two


A man has revealed that he plans to split his penis in half in the most shocking operation in his quest to become a ‘black alien’.

By: The Sun

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Anthony Loffredo, 33, has already undergone a number of procedures, including upper lip removal, nose amputation and tongue splitting.

The 33-year-old Frenchman, nicknamed “Human Satan”, has also covered himself in tattoos and piercings to look like a real-life alien.

And now he has announced to his 700,000 followers on his Black Alien Project page that his next operation will be to split his private parts in two.

The eccentric Anthony shared an image of a drawing of a scrotum with two penises and said that he has only achieved 43 percent of his transformation.

Anthony, who has been enduring extreme body modification for about a decade, even dared to tattoo his eyeballs despite the danger of going blind.

Previously, he also had both ears surgically removed to appear more alien and risked splitting his tongue, which involves cutting the muscular organ in two with a scalpel.

Last year, Anthony traveled to Spain to have his nose surgically removed, as the operation is illegal in his native country.

Hoping to appear less human, he also had dermal implants placed on his face, giving his skin a more bumpy texture, as well as reptile-like bumps on his forehead and chiseled lines on his cheekbones.

Anthony’s latest procedure included cutting off his fingers to form “alien claws.”

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