BLACK DAY at the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Rome and the Province

April 30, 2022: second authoritarian act of the President and colleague of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Rome and Province (OMCeO) Dr. Antonio Magi.

On April 30, 2022, the Assembly for the approval of the WTO budget was held in Rome. This Assembly was convened after the previous one was arbitrarily suspended by the President only because the first item on the agenda was not approved by a majority against him.

On this occasion, the approval of the financial statements took place by show of hands, without actually counting the votes and without considering the number of proxies presented by each participant. President Antonio Magi quickly decreed the approval, even considering it unanimously, despite the votes against by at least half of the numerous present.

I transcribe the words of my speech after the authoritative counting of the votes:

“I am a pediatrician and I am a member of the Order of Doctors of Rome and the Province for 35 years.

I read with surprise in recent days what was stated by the President Filippo Anelli of the National Federation of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists: “A shocking fact that makes you think and shows how deep is the crisis linked to the loss of confidence in the future or the lack of hope of a better tomorrow for our profession that concern the will to leave the profession of about 30% of doctors under the 44 years “. It is an extremely alarming fact that should be taken into account.

As regards today April 30, 2022, I address you, Mr. President, also as a colleague: I was one of the first to vote for you in the election of the Order of Doctors of Rome and the Province; I had a lot of faith in her, but I was very disappointed with this farce of a summary vote, which I never expected from her. This summary vote, without counting the votes, was something very strong, more dictatorial than democratic. Something that we do not deserve Mister President, we are Medici, we are all Doctors, we are all colleagues.

I think she is not satisfied either, because the votes must be deserved Mister President.

You as our representative, because you are really our representative, you are the one who should care about our issues and should to worry above all about those who disagree rather than seeking easy consensus.

I find his behavior, the unjustified recourse to the police, but why? what need was there to call them both in December and today?

You Mr. President today he violently imposed his will on us and he can never be proud of this until the last of his days.

His political games no longer deserve any esteem and I continue with the words of the President of the National Federation of the Order of Physicians and Dentists We love this profession, we only ask to be able to practice it with the enthusiasm of those who begin ” and not as sterile and decerebrate bureaucrats. “

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