BLACKPINK creates history by achieving more than 33 billion views on YouTube

BLACKPINK won ‘Group of the Year’ at the MTV VMAs 2023. Photo: Facebook

K-pop band BLACKPINK continues to achieve new unprecedented milestones in the music industry

In recent years, fever has increased k pop It has a resonance all over the world and that is why different groups have collected millions of views on it. youtube, Without a doubt, one of the most popular groups black pink Who has become the most watched artist recently youtube Whole world.

In a new historical milestone, the canal youtube Of black pink Crossed 33 billion views on the platform, becoming the first overall music artist to achieve this feat as well as the only artist k pop Which comes in the top 10.

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girl band black pink As the great world artists surpass bad bunny, justin bieber already his own Taylor Swift, Below, we show you the list of most viewed artists youtube,

  1. Blackpink: 33 billion
  2. Bad Bunny: 31.3 billion
  3. Justin Bieber: 30.9 billion
  4. Taylor Swift: 30.7 billion
  5. Ed Sheeran: 30.7 billion
  6. Shakira: 28.1 billion
  7. Eminem Music: 27.5 billion
  8. Katy Perry: 25.6 billion
  9. Ariana Grande: 24.3 billion
  10. Weekend: 24 billion.

Blackpink: What awards did the K-pop band win at the MTV VMAS 2023?

Blackpink’s awards at MTV VMAs 2023

black pink In ‘Best Group of the Year’ they beat other K-pop bands like Fifty Fifty, New Jeans, Seventeen and Tomorrow X Together. On the other hand, in the ‘Best Choreography’ category, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa won the award for their song ‘Pink Venom’. Here she overtook other great artists, like Dua Lipa with her successful video clip ‘Dance the Night’, which was an event because it was one of the main duets of the movie ‘Barbie’.

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